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Native Japanese female voice for your needs
Business, Marketing, Promotions, Web page, Education, Books...etc.

Services: Japanese voice over, Translation(English into Japanese)
The services can be combined into one at your convenience!

Promotional materials (for Pod cast, internet radio...etc.)
Voice messages (for telephone, voice mail, automated messages...etc.)

Now is the time to get a great deal!
-US$5.00 for up to 15sec. recording in Japanese(including translation)-
Phone message, Alarm, Jingle, Soundbite, Web page...etc.
*This campain is limited to personal use only*
*Format: mp3, wma, wav...etc.*
*Paypal payment will be required up front*
*Only in Japanese(translation service will be included if needed)*

Contact: buddy@af.bent.jp

If you are looking for a Japanese voiceover, voice artist, voice talent, please contact me at buddy@af.bent.jp

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Need Japanese translator? Please visit my translation page where you can find comments from my clients or contact me at buddy@af.bent.jp

***Shopping assistant service is available (not free). Please e-mail me for more details(e-mail address is provided above).***

Comments from clients

-Provided service: Voice-
Michuri did a fantastic job with our voiceover. She was very prompt and responsive and even let us know when the voiceover was going to be too long for our video so that we could fix it before she recorded. I would highly recommend her.
by Catherine at Pogoplug( USA)

-Provided service: Voice-
Good job. Just what I need, and very quick .
by Jaime Garcia Marsa( Spain)

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
Great job done in terms of timeline and service. Thank you so much Michiru and we will definitely be in touch for any other work that we need in this area.

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
It was a pleasure working with Michiru. Very talented, professional and great communication. Highly recommended.
by Shannon Perell - LAI Games( Australia)

-Provided service: Voice-
Michiru is a pleasure to work with! Very responsive and professional. Her voice is very soothing and pleasant and the recording quality was fantastic. My client and I were both very happy with the results and will surely turn to Michiru for our next Japanese voice over! Thank you!
by Voice Crafters( Israel)

-Provided service: Voice-
Michiru worked with me on voicing a character role for an online cartoon video production. She really brought the character to life, and I hope to call upon Michiru for the next episode.
by Ed Halley( USA)

-Provided service: Voice-
Prompt and Quality voice over. No revision was needed in the files received. I will definitely take her services in future. If you need hassle free voice over, look no further. Highly recommended.
by Surendra( India)

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
Thanks a lot Michiru for your responsiveness and professionalism
by Traductia ( Brazil)

-Provided service: Voice-
Michiru was very quick and professional delivering the required services.
I'm sure we'll work again in the future!
by Carlos Alves Jorge - LisbonLabs( Portugal)

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
Michiru did the voice over and translation work for the localization of my iPad application. She was very professional, communicated well, and provided everything I needed with a quick turn around time and at a very reasonable price. Additionally, she provided me with some insight into the way Japanese characters are used with respect to children. This was information I did not ask for and would have otherwise had no knowledge. This was especially critical for my application since the primary audience is children. I am grateful to have Michiru provide the additional guidance. I would use her services again without reservation. Aaron Griffith
by Aaron Griffith ( USA)

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
Michiru has done for us an excellent job. Very fast, efficient. A fantastic quality/price ratio!
by Cezary Angielskijakdzieci.pl ( UK)

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
by A. Sugiura ( Japan)

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
Michiru did an excellent job for us and delivered on time as promised. I will work with her again.
by Robert Cohen ( USA)

-Provided service: Voice-
Mirichu read very clearly and has a rather pleasant voice. Her delivery was accurate and on time.
by Dan Nelson, Marketing Messages( USA)

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
Michiru did some voiceovers for me , a very easy consice
transaction and a proffesional service by Michiru. Easy to deal with and a smooth delivery of our requirements and script. Michiru offers very reasonable rates and i would not hesitate to recommend Michiru for translation and media voice overs.
Thanks Michiru look forward to working with you again.
Mr M Silva.
by Mo Silva ( United Kingdom)

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
Michiru was very easy to work with and the project was done both promptly and expertly. We will use her again if the need arises for Japanese voice work.
by Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank ( USA)

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
Michiru provided both perfect translation service and voice to a small project contracted for telephone use. I will definitely work with her in the future as she is accountable and skilled
by Peak Professional Services / KatsVoice ( USA)

-Provided service: Voice-
Thanks for the fast and professional voice-over delivery. It is a pleasure working with you!
by Premium Voices-Albert( Netherlands)

-Provided service: Voice-
Michiru, thank you very much for your excellent service. My client and I are very happy with your work. I'll for sure call you for the next Japanese "voice over" project I have. Thank you again and keep up the excellent work !
by Intervoices translation & voiceover services( Brazil)

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
Beautiful voice and quick turn-around. Prompt communication made my project an effortless one. I would highly recommend.
by Jeff Wyatt - Signwave Digital Inc. ( USA)

-Provided service: Voice-
Very good service. Professional quality. Will hire again.
by François Lanctôt-Silex Creations Inc.( Canada)

-Provided service: Voice-
Michiru is an absolute pleasure to work with for our Mango language learning software!
Michiru is an absolute pleasure to work with for all of our Japanese projects!
Thanks Michiru!
by Michael Goulas-Mango Languages( USA)

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
If you're looking for a fast delivery, a beautiful voice, accurate translations and good advices.... Contact Michiru, I know I will.
by C. van Leeuwen, Partner Translations ( The Netherlands)

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
Michiru did a great job. Fast and professional.
by Orange Tree Productionsl( USA)

-Provided service: Voice-
Michiru is an exceptional voice actor. She is fast to deliver, and meticulous with detail.
We had an excellent experience working with her, and our client was very pleased with the quality of her work. Thanks, Michiru!
by Mukul Bakshi-Tungsten Advertising ( USA)

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
Very good work.
by DaveKnell( United Kingdom)

-Provided service: Voice-
Michiru has helped our company recording a voice message.
She did a very good job! She is responsible, timely and courtesy.
We would like to keep in touch and will use her service again in future. Thank you Michiru.
by Janet Tang-www.sinohotel.com( China)

-Provided service: Voice-
Rose72 did a wonderful job as a voice artist. The quality is excellent and the delivery is punctual.
You can tell that Rose72 strives for perfection by the way she deals with the project.
We get much more than we invest, way much more. Thanks again Rose72!!!
I will work very hard to get better deals for you in the next projects..

-Provided service: Voice-
Rose72 did an excellent job!!! Highly recommended service provider.
by Jenny/case by case( Taiwan)

-Provided service: Translation & Voice-
Very friendly, helpful, diligent person to work with! Would love to work with her again!
by Aleema/Kyoku Japan(Radio Station)( USA)

If you are interested...
Japanese Styles (Books of Japanese house, interior, art, craft...etc.)

***This is for All Voice Over Talents***
I have purchased this wonderful item recently and it upgraded my voice and speech sparbly!

Sharpen up your Voice instantly with Voice Make!
This magical item will train your face muscles, mouth, throat, tongue and lips instantly.
What you need to do is just chew it while you speech.
You will be amazed what this little thing can do!
It is small enough to put in a pocket.

How to use:
- Chew the square end parts with your back teeth in flat way or standing then read a script.
- Chew one of the end part with your front teeth then read a script.
- Chew the end parts with your back teeth in flat way and close your lips then read a script.

This training will take only a few minutes.
Excellent for just before recording sessions and for daily training.

This item has one more great effect for ladies.
By doing this training, your face line will also be sharpened!

Product description:

By chewing it with both of your back teeth;
  • dental bite/jaw balance will be improved.
  • throat will be relaxed and opened therefore your voice will come out well.
  • the space inside of mouth will be created therefore you will have resonant, cheerful voice and be able to know the point of your sympathetic resonance.
  • train the muscles which are related to moving throat, neck, vocal band evenly therefore your vocal power will improve tremendously.
  • angle of mouse, lips, tongue, mimic muscles can be moved separately. Your voice production and pronunciation will be dramatically improved in a very short time.
  • brain will be activated. Chewing will send blood and oxygen to brain. Your concentration and learning ability will be improved.
  • body can also have benefits. Chew this item while you exercise. Balance your body well and distortion of your body will be fixed.
  • happy hormone “Serotonin” will be secreted. You feel refreshed and your voice will be louder and cheerful.
  • saliva will be produced more. You can benefit from antimicrobial effect of saliva which protect your throat from cold, flu and bacteria.
  • sharpens mimic muscles. Your mimic muscles (mouth angle, around mouth, crest of neck, back of jaw, cheeks) will be sharpened therefore your face will be lighten up. Facial contortion, sagging, swelling and double-chin will be prevented and brush up your voice.
  • face line will be sharpened. By using this item for face exercise, your face line will be sharpened dramatically. It is not a dream to get Good Voice, Sharp Face Line and Excellent Smile.

This item is made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer) which is safe to place it in your mouth.
This new material has shape memorial property and it softened as temperature increases.
When it is placed in your mouth, it become elastic and chewing and moving exercises can be started.
Size: 3.94" h x 0.79" w x 2.36" l 0.7pounds

*This item is sold via Japanese Amazon. You may need to create an account.
If you have trouble purchasing it or creating an account, please e-mail me.
I can purchase and ship it to you (additional handling fee will apply).
For more colors, please visit this page

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